Welcome to drf-tester’s documentation!

drf-tester is a Python module that aims to help developers with testing DjangoRestFramework API endpoints.

  • Minimize the time (and lines of code) required

  • Mantain consistent testing coverage

  • Increase productivity!

The philosophy behind the design of this module, is that a developer should only need to:

  1. Prepare the setUp method of a Test class

  2. Choose the correct classes to inheritb for each type of access

  3. Smile!!

This saves us developers lots of time writing repetitive, boiler-plate code, while reassuring that our tests are, at the very least, consistent.


The module has been tested to work with the following software versions.

  • Python 3.7

  • Django 2.2

  • DjagnoRESTFramework 3.12.2

  • factory-boy 3.1.0

Compatibility likely greater than indicated here (let me know if something else works for you)


To install drf-tester in your systems, use pip:

pip install drf-tester

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